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Simply click the button below and join our club for $195 for full access to discounted replacement retainers for 5 full years.
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After you register and become one of our members, our local scan center will contact you to schedule a Free 3D intraoral scan of your mouth.
This 3D picture will be kept on file for the full length of your membership, allowing us to make replacement retainers anytime you need one.

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After completing your scan, your new retainer will be shipped directly to your doorstep.
100% Risk Free
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Stacey P. Cameron and family dog RJ
"I couldn’t find my daughter’s retainer anywhere and believe me I looked everywhere! After 2 days of turning my house upside down I found it hidden in RJ’s dog bed, chewed up like a piece of gum! Ugh!
Big thank you to Forever Retainers! Now I can afford a new retainer any time my daughter leaves it out for RJ to chew."

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